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Using Iguana to Download Emails

  • Hello,

    I know this is not currently a feature, but was wondering could it soon be a possibility to use Iguana SMTP functionality to download mails from a POP3 server?

    Kind regards,
    Alan Mc Grane.
    Slainte Healthcare.

    Interesting – it would mean Iguana exposing either an interface for IMAP or POP3 which are the protocols used to connect to a mail server and download stuff.

    We run an email archive internally that predates Iguana 4. We implemented that using a feature that many mail servers have to redirect emails into files in a directory.

    What kind of application did you have in mind?

    Well, we currently have a C# solution in place to download emails from multiple email addresses, extract attachments, process them, and send them on.

    The system works, but is difficult to maintain and scale effectively, and we were considering porting it to Iguana. Currently, Iguana cannot download emails or read PDF files to my knowledge, so these aspects of the solution would be converted to C# command line projects called from Iguana; Iguana would then handle all other processing.

    That’s interesting about the mail server redirecting to a directory, I’ll have a look into it also!


    I’ll make some inquiries internally as to how significant it would be to expose that functionality that CURL has through some Lua APIs in Iguana.

    That would be fantastic. Thanks Eliot!

    Kind regards,

    Hi Eliot

    Just wondering if there has been any movement on this functionality.



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