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vmd changes not being saved

  • I have edited my HL7_2.5.1.vmd file several time to add the Catchall() Message Definition. The adding of the Catchall() saves just fine but no matter how I try to apply it as the Default (unidentified message) it will not save that setting. I will make the change, click apply/ok/save, and then open that same vmd file back up and the Default (unidentified message) will be set back to None.

    > Can anyone recreate this issue? Are there steps I am missing?

    Thanks for the help and support from this community!

    Chameleon v5.6 b12

    I have found that this might be specific to me trying to add the catchall() to the HL7_2.5.1.vmd as I was able to edit a different vmd file and save those changes. Is there a reason I can’t edit the original HL7_2.5.1.vmd even if I rename it something like HL7_2.5.1_catchall.vmd ?

    The Library vmd files exist to contain HL7 Standard content in Chameleon readable form. The ‘catch_all’ Message Definition is not part of HL7 Standard. One should never modify the Library vmd files (the vmd files in ../Library folder). It jeopardises product integrity. For any custom need, always create your own copy of needed vmd file and use the copy.

    and that is what I tried to do by creating the HL7_2.5.1_catchall.vmd but it still wont save the catchall() unknown message catch option in my custon vmd.

    Chris, this question sounds more like Support ticket. Support questions can be emailed to

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