Filtering the Channels displayed in the Dashboard

Search Criterion as a URL

You can search for channels by typing the search criterion as part of a URL. The format for this URL is:


In the above, replace hostname with the host name or IP address of your Iguana server, replace port with the port on which the server is running, and replace criterion with the channel name, channel description or channel group name that you want to search for.

For example, if your Iguana server is running on port 6543 on localhost, and you want to search for all channels whose name or description contains the string LLP or that belong to a channel group whose name contains this string, type the following URL into the address field of your browser:


This behaves exactly as if you had typed LLP into the Search field.

Note: This search feature makes it is easy to use Iguana with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tracking system.

If you have defined a unique CRM number for each customer you deal with, and you include the customer’s CRM number in the Description field for each channel, searching for a CRM number will list all channels associated with a particular customer.

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