Managing Channels in the Dashboard

Clearing Channel Errors

Iguana allows you to clear and mark errors from multiple channels using a single operation. To clear and mark errors from multiple channels:

  • For each channel that you want to clear and mark errors, select the check box to the left of the Start button:
  • Select the check boxes of the channels that you want to stop or clear errors from.

  • Or, you can select the check box in the heading row to select all of the channels on the Dashboard:

From the Channel Actions list box, select Clear/Mark Channel Errors to clear and mark the channel errors. (See Marking an Error for details on marking channel errors.) A status indicator at the lower left of the dashboard notifies you when the update is complete.

Note: If you are not a member of any role that has Edit permissions for the channel group to which the channel belongs, you are not allowed to clear channel queues. See Roles for more information.

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