Log Configuration and Performance

Log Age and Logging Performance

In Iguana, you can specify the number of days that log files are to be kept before being deleted. When you are specifying this number, you should consider the following factors:

  • Keeping log files for a longer period of time means that there is more data available for access.
  • If the log files are large, it may take longer for Iguana to start up.

If your log directory is missing one or more log metafiles, Iguana will need to recreate the metafiles when it is started:

When Iguana needs to recreate its log metafiles, it will take longer to start up.

Note: On one of our test systems – a 2GHz Intel iMac running Windows in a virtual machine – the log metafiles for 20GB of data were re-created in 15 minutes.

Subsequent restarts of the Iguana server did not take a noticeable amount of time. This will likely be the normal behavior for most users.

For more information on log metafiles and the other files that are contained in the Iguana log directory, see Changing the Log Directory.

For details on how to specify the number of days that log files are to be kept, see Log Settings.

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