Welcome to Iguana 6.1


We’re excited to announce the release of Iguana 6.1: the fastest, most robust, and secure Iguana yet.

This document will review what’s changed in our latest release, and provide key considerations to take into account when performing an upgrade.

What’s new in Iguana 6.1? [top]

  • Iguana 6.1 has been through a rigorous security and penetration testing process conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
  • Iguana 6.1 uses state of the art encryption for all its network activity, including web services, LLP traffic, FTPS and SFTP transfers, and email.
  • There are new license options to enable at-rest encryption of all Iguana’s message data at the application level. Additionally, license options exist to enable audit logging of all views, exports, and retrievals of Iguana’s message data, effectively tracking who looked at what and when.

These new features make Iguana 6.1 the most secure Iguana we’ve ever released, and make regulatory compliance easier than ever for our customers.

If you wish to discuss our new license options, please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss further.

Before You Upgrade [top]

As an integration engine, Iguana is a unique application. Its function is to connect and exchange data with many systems. These systems can be local to your organization, while others are external. You may have control over some of these systems, or in the case of legacy applications, they may be unmodifiable.

Since healthcare enterprise IT is complicated, an integration engine must be able to handle a high degree of complexity. It’s is critical to consider and understand your own complexities as you plan to upgrade to the latest version of Iguana.

How You Upgrade [top]

Upgrading to Iguana 6.1 follows the same process as previous upgrades in the Iguana 6 series. Please read through the instructions below before you begin your upgrade.

Iguana 6 upgrade steps: http://help.interfaceware.com/category/administration/upgrades

Download Iguana 6.1 here: https://www.interfaceware.com/download-iguana-6

Before you follow the upgrade steps, we strongly recommend you finish reading this article.

Important Considerations [top]

As mentioned previously in this article, Iguana must communicate with many different systems, including older applications that have not been updated in years, and may not support modern secure encryption.

Iguana 6.1 will refuse to communicate over insecure protocols such as SSLv3. This may cause a disruption to interfaces with older legacy systems. As a result, we have provided a method to override the default settings of Iguana, which is documented here: https://help.interfaceware.com/v6/iguana-6-1-ssl-enhancements

It is recommended that whenever possible to update your systems so they are using the most secure communication possible.

We recommend doing this with a test upgrade: replicate your production system, have it communicate with the same applications, and then upgrade the test system. This makes it easier to discover which external systems can be changed, which ones cannot, and whether you need to override any security settings in Iguana.

We’re Here to Help [top]

As always, if you have any questions about the new features in 6.1, or are planning to upgrade and want to talk to our support staff, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@interfaceware.com.


Bret Dawson
VP, Product Development

More Information [top]

You can also check out these pages to find out more about Iguana 6.1:

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