Send an Email from Lua


Use smtp.send() to send an email from your Lua code.

Source Code
function main()
   -- Set up the parameters to be used with sending an email
   local smtpparams={
      header = {To = ''; 
                From = '<your email name>'; 
                Date = 'Thu, 23 Aug 2001 21:27:04 -0400';
                Subject = 'Test Subject';},
      username = '<your mail username>',
      password = '<your mail password>',
      server = '<your smtp mail server name>', 
      -- note that the "to" param is actually what is used to send the email, 
      -- the entries in header are only used for display. 
      -- For instance, to do Bcc, add the address in the  'to' parameter but 
      -- omit it from the header.
      to = {'',''},
      from = 'Test User ',
      body = 'This is the test body of the email',
      use_ssl = 'try',
      --live = true -- uncomment to run in the editor
Use smtp.send() to send an email from your Lua code.
Usage Details

This code uses smtp.send() to send email from Lua code.

How to use this code:

  • Paste the code into any Lua script component
  • Replace the parameters within the angle brackets <>
    Note: You must a valid username, password and server (smtp mail server)
  • Uncomment the live parameter to test the code in the editor