Reprocessing and Resubmitting Log Messages

Resubmitting Multiple Messages

There are often times when you need to resubmit a large number of messages through Iguana. Typical situations would be these:

  1. You are bringing on a new system which you want to ‘back populate’ with 60 days worth of patient demographics to bring the system live.
  2. An application has failed to process messages due to database or other failure and requires reprocessing 3 days worth of data etc.
  3. There was an error in some integration mapping which requires reprocessing of thousands of messages.

These scenarios are very easy to deal with in Iguana since you can requeue messages in a few mouse clicks and it’s in times like these that you’ll really appreciate Iguana’s raw speed. This is how you can do it.

From the dashboard you can click on the Queue count, as circled below:

You can also do the same if you go from the channel configuration screen sidebar on the right:

This takes you to the Logs screen in a special view which shows all the queued messages for the channel like this:

You could also get to this view by selecting the type “Messages” and a single channel. Notice the “Last Processed Message” link? This will position the log view at the position of the start of the queue.

From here you can reposition the queue simply by clicking on one the of the icons on the right saying “Pending” or “Processed”. These will display a dialog like this:

Using this it becomes easy to reposition the queue at an arbitrary point to reprocess as many messages back as you would like.

It’s also easy to make a new temporary channel which feed from any number of existing channels and allow you put in filtering logic on that channel to do any type of reprocessing you can imagine.

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