Using your Members Account


To obtain a license for Iguana or Chameleon, you will first need to create an iNTERFACEWARE member account. From your member account, you can obtain trial licenses and permanent licenses, and update your profile information.

After you have created a member account for your organization, you can allow more than one person from your organization to access the account. People with access to your member account can be given the following permissions:

  • Full permissions: can read account balance information and obtain new registration codes
  • Read-write permissions: cannot access account balance information, but can obtain new registration codes
  • Read-only permissions: cannot access account balance information; can read the list of registration codes available, but cannot obtain new registration codes

In addition, each organization has a designated primary individual. This person can grant additional permissions to other people in the organization. To grant permissions, the primary individual should email, with a message containing the permissions request.

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