Using your Members Account

Activating a New License

If you have full permissions or read-write permissions in your member account, you can activate any license that you are entitled to have. When you activate a license the Maintenance Expiry date will be set to the expiry date in your latest invoice, invoices can be viewed in your Account History.

To activate a license:

  1. Log into your members account from the iNTERFACEWARE web site or from the Iguana License Entitlement screen.
  2. In the Member Account page, click Licenses. A list of the licenses available to you is displayed.
  3. Click the Activate link for the type of license that you want to activate. (See Viewing Your Registration Codes for a description of the types of licenses that are available). The Get an Iguana Registration Code form appears:
  4. In this form, provide the requested information. Fields labelled with an asterisk * must be filled in.
  5. Click Register. The registration code for your activated licenses is displayed:If you logged in from within Iguana you will see an Activate Inside Iguana button instead:
  6. Use this registration code to register your Iguana installation.
    Note: This step is not necessary if you logged in directly from Iguana, and used Activate inside Iguana.

For more information on registering Iguana, see Register Iguana.

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