Configuration Management and Version Control With Iguana


Iguana makes it easy for you to centralize all of your configuration files and data in one directory hierarchy. This makes it possible for you to manage your files and data with version control software such as GIT, Mercurial, Subversion, Visual Source safe etc.

The advantages of recent versions of Iguana for configuration management are:

  • It offers the ability to create a centralized directory structure, provided that you use relative file paths to specify the locations of your VMD files;
  • You can easily use your configuration management or version control software to create a test version of any Iguana production server;
  • Disaster recovery is much easier;
  • If you are operating in a high availability environment, configurations can be easily reproduced on secondary backup machines;
  • You can separate the application data from the application itself;
  • You can also separate the configuration files from the logs.
  • You can use environment variables to specify values for an Iguana server, thus enabling you to use the same configuration file for servers on multiple machines.

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