Configuration Management and Version Control With Iguana

Strategies for Disaster Recovery and High Availability

Disaster Recovery

Because you can configure your Iguana server to store of all its configuration information and data in any location you specify, disaster recovery becomes much easier.

All you need to do is ensure that your centralized Iguana directory is checked in or backed up at regular intervals. Then, if something goes wrong with your server and your configuration becomes corrupted, you can restore the configuration information and log data from the last time you backed it up.

High Availability

Iguana can be configured to fit into any kind of “high availability” (HA) approach. Iguana plays nicely in all clustered configurations, failover, active/active etc. We have customers that have configured Iguana across thousands of HA production sites using many different platforms. See our High Availability Category for more information on HA and Failover.

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