Custom ACKs

Custom ACK Example

In this example we create a complete ACK message from scratch, mapping each of the fields ourselves using Lua:

Here’s a generated ACK message:

MSH|^~\&|Main HIS|St. Micheals|iNTERFACEWARE|Lab|20150605094733||ACK|9B38584D9903051F0D2B52CC0148965775D2D23FE4C51BE060B33B6ED27DA820|P|2.6.1| 
MSA|AA|9B38584D9903051F0D2B52CC0148965775D2D23FE4C51BE060B33B6ED27DA820|Everything was okay dokay!|

You can get the Create a custom ACK code from our code repository.

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