Using Version Control


One of the most useful features of the Iguana Translator is its built-in version control capability. Any script that you create can be saved at any time. This enables you to make script changes with confidence, as any changes can be reverted whenever necessary. When you save a script, all of the associated files and script modules are saved along with it. This collection of saved files is called a milestone. When you are restoring files from a milestone, you can restore some or all of the files.

One of the best things is that you can never run a channel that has not had a milestone defined for it. So there is never an issue with running indeterminate code, and if an error is introduced you can always roll back.

However new users may forget to save a milestone and wonder why a bug fix does not work in production. So always check that you saved a milestone!

You can also compare the script that is saved in the milestone with the script currently displayed in the Iguana Translator. You can also compare any file saved in the milestone with the current version of the file.

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