First Steps: Running the Channel in production

Saving a milestone

In Part Two of this tutorial, we will deploy and run the channel that we built in part one.

Note: If you did not complete part one of the tutorial you can simply create the channel and  import the project from

Save your first milestone

Before you can actually execute/run a channel with real message data, Iguana requires that you commit a milestone. Using Iguana’s built-in source control system, milestones are a great way to save, review, and retrace your steps from one version of your script to another. What’s more, because Iguana insists that you save at least one milestone, you will never run the risk of executing uncontrolled code.

To save a milestone:

  1. In the Translator toolbar (at the top of your script), click on the Save Milestone button:
    Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 15.21.23
    The following dialog appears:
  2. Enter a meaningful name for the milestone in the field provided.
  3. Click the Save button.

Now that we’ve saved a milestone, we can move on to setting up the HL7 Simulator and Listener tools.

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