Iguana 5.0

What’s new in 5.0.9

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 are now supported [top]

Iguana 5.0.9 is a minor release which brings support for Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 8 and above.

The user experience is not as good and there are some minor features that are not supported:

  • The thumbnail view is not supported in IE8 as vector graphics are not available

Tip: We recommend using a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari, if you are using Internet Explorer then IE9 or above is preferred.

Reading an empty repeat in an HL7 message no longer raises an error [top]

This update makes working with HL7 records with repeating segments much easier.

So what does that actually mean?

  1. Use hl7.parse{} to read an HL7 message you get a read-only node tree.
  2. Attempt to read a repeating segment.
  3. If the segment is empty an error was raised before Iguana 5.0.9
  4. With 5.0.9 it works fine, and you get an informational message.


So how does not having this error help me?

For example if you want to map Next of Kin, but not everyone has Next of Kin recorded:

  • Some messages will have empty NK1 (Next of Kin) segments.
  • Before 5.0.9 attempting to read an empty NK1 segment raised an error.
  • You needed to find a sample message with NK1 data, or edit a message to add the data.

Now you can map an empty segment without it raising an error, much easier.

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