Iguana 5.0

What’s new in 5.0.7

Support for embedded SQLite databases [top]

This a small, yet significant feature.  SQLlite is a very popular, light weight database implementation.

It opens up a lot of opportunities for more out of the box integration solutions since this is now a database which you can always count on being available where-ever Iguana is installed.

You can read more about the possibilities in SQLlite database support

Improvements in the editor [top]

The editor in Iguana 5.0.7 has gotten an upgrade. It’s using an upgraded cleaner version of Code Mirror for the underlying control. It should be just that little more clippy in it’s performance with better overall behavior.

Things like scrolling and auto-indentation all seem to work more nicely in the new version of the editor. Although there are some changes in auto-indentation behavior.

We’ve also changed to font size one size down so that it matches the font size used in the project manager window, general consensus is that it looks better and gives more room for annotations.

Let us know what you think!

Changes in auto-indentation behavior [top]

The editor prior to 5.0.7 would attempt to indent block for you automatically. It was great when it worked but a little bit of a bother when it did not.

This auto-indentation exists in Iguana 5.0.7 also but to access it the workflow is just a little different. These screen shots help to show how it works.

Say you type in a function like this:

Then to get the auto-indentation to kick in one enters the <tab> key at any point on the line, then the editor moves the end block so that it matches the start of the function:

It takes a little getting used to but this is how it works.


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