Database to HL7

<strong>Test</strong>: Old Data versus New

The most convenient place to compare the old and new functionality is within the Translator Filter component we wrote before.

Before I could do that though I needed to re-prime the database with the status fields set to ‘W’ on the polling table. So after carefully making sure that the original DB channel was off to stop it from polling the database I reran the dbfill routine:

dbfill.generateDummySourceData('CVISOutbound.vmd', 'NHCCVIS',D)

And queued up 20 messages. Then I did some tricky query logic on the logs to just export the IDs:

See how I used the phrase “NOT MSH” to screen out the HL7 messages and the Time Range to just get down to the 20 ID messages we wanted. I clicked on the Export tab and then on the Export to Translator button and selected the Filter component of the new channel we wrote in the tutorial:

Next Step?

Now we are at the point where we can begin to write the code to compare the output from the old logic and the new logic.

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