Database to HL7

Next Steps

So this tutorial has been useful in terms of:

  1. Showing a good way of leveraging the Translator to be convenient for doing a From DB to HL7 interface using the best practice of driving things off a seed ID.
  2. Demonstrating using the environment for regression testing.

On our side we’re keen to build up a set of nice tutorials to help customers that are motivated to migrate to the Translator from their existing interfaces – if you are interested then please contact us at

One thing that is a little unusual about this tutorial is the structure of the table that was populating the interface. This table was set up by our client specifically for driving this particular interface and he populated it through a mixture of stored procedures and VB.NET code. That made sense to do with the From Database channel component in Iguana 4 but with the Translator it would be a lot easier to do that work within the Translator and make a number of SELECT queries to pull data from a variety of tables.

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