Introduction to the Logs

Log message Types

Each log message in the logs consists of the following:

  • The date and time of the log message.
  • The source of the log message, which is either the Iguana service or a channel.
  • A symbol indicating the type of the log message.
  • The text of the log message.

Here is a sample log message, containing the elements listed above:

The symbol indicating the log message type is one of the following:

Symbol Meaning Description
Error (unmarked) A service or channel error, or an error that has occurred while processing a message. Errors will appear on the Dashboard or the Control Panel unless they are marked. See Marking an Error for details on how to mark an error.
Error (marked) An error that has been marked. Marked errors do not appear on the Dashboard or the Control Panel.
Warning Similar to Error but not final. For example, a connection error has occurred and Iguana will retry sending the message in a few seconds.
Success A log entry indicating that Iguana has processed a message successfully.
Informational A log entry that informs you of a task performed by the server.
Message A message sent through the server.
Unqueued message Indicates a message that has been received but was not added to the queue of messages to be processed. Examples of unqueued messages include originals of messages that have been transformed by a message filter, and messages that could not be processed because they contain errors. See Understanding Unqueued Messages for more details on unqueued messages.
Resubmitted message A message that has been resubmitted. (See Resubmitting Logged Messages for details on how to resubmit a message.)
Resubmitted unqueued message An unqueued message that has been resubmitted.
Message created by resubmission operation The message that is created when a previously existing message is resubmitted.
Message created by resubmission operation, then resubmitted Similar to the above, except that this message has itself been resubmitted.
Acknowledgment message An ACK message sent by Iguana in response to a message received from the source component of a channel.
Debugging An internal debugging log entry.


Note: You can only view a message if you have permission to view the channel through which the message was sent. You have permission to view a channel if its role has View permissions on the channel group that the channel belongs to. For more information on assigning a role to a user, and on channel group permissions in Iguana, see Roles.

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