Design Decisions in the Translator

This article is broken into several pages:

  1. Introduction
  2. Minimalist approach to design
    1. Subtle changes in libraries can break interfaces
  3. Why minimalism is important
    1. From File Component
  4. Orthogonal APIs: Rethinking Present but Null
  5. C Level Perspective on the Translator
    1. The hood of the anorak
    2. I understand what it’s like to manage a technical team
    3. Will it be hard and expensive to employ people with the skills to use this product?
    4. Aren’t GUIs easier to learn?
    5. Let’s compare mapping patient demographics with Chameleon and the Translator
    6. Managing custom code development is a pain in the proverbial
    7. What happens when I’m stuck without a programmer?
  6. What is the road map for Iguana?
  7. Conclusion


This article attempts to explain the philosophy and choices made within the Translator with respect to it’s architecture.

One of the big advantages of using a wiki to document the Iguana Translator is that it provides a convenient means for me to explain a subtle set of simple concepts that once you understand them will allow you get much more out of the platform.

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