Design Decisions in the Translator

I understand what it’s like to manage a technical team

In my experience from running a software company, managing a technology team can be stressful. The analogy of herding cats while being a cliche is quite appropriate.

Technical people often forget that they aren’t necessarily going to be around or present at the time that the technology they have implemented goes wrong. What is more frustrating is that your team always has much more time to look at more technologies that one single manager can ever absorb.

As a technical manager you often have to play the role of gate keeper, keeping out technologies that one of your people might like but that you know would be headache overall for the organization to support.

It’s challenging. I can look at my own decisions, sometimes I have made good decisions in keeping out certain technologies. Other times I have been the one putting the breaks on what would have been good ideas just because at the time I just didn’t have the mental bandwidth to comprehend what my staff were trying to say.

Technical people can often not be skilled at quickly articulating the relevant information you need to know as a manager to make a good decision. I hope this section can give you the information you need to understand how the Translator will help your business.


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