Design Decisions in the Translator

C Level Perspective on the Translator

If you are the person doing the work with the Translator it’s not hard to see it’s value.

It’s an easy environment to learn and be productive in quickly. It’s pleasant to use. Lua is a powerful language, but simple to learn since it is so minimal. The graphical annotations and data aware auto-completion provide a ease of use that no other environment offers.

In fact as a programmer it’s a lot less effort to learn this engine than to try and wrestle with an opaque graphical mapper where you have to dig into a whole bunch of unfamiliar screens which don’t do what you need them to do so you end up coding everything in Java or C# anyways. A lot of traditional integration engines end up being expensive shelf-ware.

But a manager does have a broader perspective in making choices with respect to picking technologies. If you are such a person, then this section is for you. Like you I too face the same challenges and concerns that you have with managing technology in the context of an organization.

This section is about quickly giving you the information you need to know to understand why the Translator is a great solution for your organization.


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