Design Decisions in the Translator

What is the road map for Iguana?

The Iguana 5.0 Translator is a watershed release..

That’s why we are making a big fuss about it. The Translator surpasses the power and usability of all other integration platforms.

If we’d had this technology two years ago Iguana would look very different from how it is constructed today.

Right now we’re working hard to provide the functionality to allow customers to solve problems that Iguana 4.5 could never have solved. That means new ways of handling tough out of the box problems like these. These are problems that in the past customers would have had to resort to writing code in Java or C#.

Once we know that we have the complete set of interfaces required to solve the actual problems that customers face we will be embarking on a very radical remake of the Iguana platform (in a backwardly compatible way).

You see, using Lua within the Translator environment is an incredibly productive, easy to use environment. I am putting my money where my mouth is. Our plan is to replace all the existing legacy components with new implementations in Lua.

It makes compelling sense.

Lua is almost as fast as C++. Fast enough that the performance difference doesn’t matter. Our plan is that the Translator will become a platform. We can provide powerful functionality on top of the core. The components can be smaller and less complicated and we should be able to present them within a canvas view where the pieces can be dragged and dropped into place. The beauty of this approach is that:

  • It allows our customers and our support staff to be much more nimble in tweaking specific components for specific integration problems.
  • Customers will be able to customize the workflow of the product much more to meet the unique problems they face.

We will also be able to make simpler views on the engine like having a drag and drop wizard or mapping component to help make it faster to do certain mappings.


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