Design Decisions in the Translator

What happens when I’m stuck without a programmer?

The fear every manager has is that someone is going to leave and you’ll be stuck with supporting something that no body else in the organization understands.


Be happy.

One of the biggest value propositions of an interface engine like Iguana is the relationship and support you get with us as the vendor. Our business model is very straight forward. We like to sell lots of lots of licenses of Iguana. We achieve this by:

  1. Making a good quality product.
  2. Documenting it throughly
  3. When documentation and product is not enough by providing good quality friendly support.

Our support quality is excellent, largely because even though we have over 300 direct customers with over 10,000 sites deployed we do not have a lot of day to day support issues. That’s the consequence of having a good quality product and comprehensive documentation.

Because an interface engine forces problems to be solved in a consistent manner it’s easy for any one of our technical staff to jump in and sort out a problem when it occurs. Effectively our organization becomes a safety net that gives you the insurance you need when staff turn over.

If you are stuck and you need help, we are here for you.


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