Building a custom GUI to configure a template

Creating a link from the custom GUI into the channel being configured

It makes for a very convenient work flow to be able to have a link from the GUI that takes the user directly to the To Translator editor for that channel. The beauty of this is that the user can tweak the settings to the configuration file in one window and see the result of those changes in the Translator in another window. The implementation of the link is done with jQuery, pulling the appropriate information about the current channel in the SELECT control:

function ShowChannel(){
   // Could get more elaborate with determining the port to map to.
   var Url = 'http://' + location.hostname + ':6543/mapper/#Page=OpenEditor&ChannelName=' + $('#chan_select :selected').text() 
       + '&ChannelGuid=' + $('#chan_select').val() + '&ComponentType=Destination&ComponentName=To+Translator';

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