Building a custom GUI to configure a template

Building a GUI for a Translator Component in Lua

This describes how best to get started writing a custom GUI for your own Translator components using Iguana. I provide an example which you can download from here and run. The documentation below talks about different parts of the code and explains how it works.

Hello World Web Application

This part describes the basics in getting a simple web application written using the Translator in terms of mechanics of creating a From HTTP(S) channel, taking HTTP calls from and serving up data to a browser.

Fully Worked Example

Then load up this fully worked example zip Translator instance that you can import as an Iguana Translator instance. This leverages a variety of concepts which as described below:

The potential really does exist to make for a very convenient high level work flow, but with a simplicity of being able to quickly ‘get under the hood’ to see what is happening when things go wrong.

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