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Save a Channel Milestone

The Iguana Translator enables you to save the current version of the script as a milestone. Saved milestones can then be restored or used at a later date. This enables you to make changes to your script safely, as you can always roll back to an earlier milestone if needed.

To save a milestone, click the Save Milestone button, located at the top of the Iguana Translator screen:

The Save Milestone window appears:

In this window, you can compare any file or script in the Project with the saved copies from previous milestones.

To save the milestone:

  1. In the Milestone name field, type the milestone name that you want to use.
  2. Click Save to save the milestone.

To view the milestones that you have already saved:

  1. Click the View Saved Milestones button:
  2. The Milestones window appears:
  3. Click Show Files to display the files saved in a milestone.

    This expands the selected milestone to show all the files it contains.
  4. Click Revert all files to revert all files to the selected milestone.

    You can also use the expanded view to choose which files to revert.
  5. When you have finished, click Close to close the Milestones window.

Next Step?

Once you have saved a milestone, the last step is to run the channel to ensure that the mapping script works as intended.

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