HL7 to Database

View the Sample Data

One of the most useful features of the Iguana Translator is the ability to work with sample message data as you write and edit the mapping script. This helps you ensure that your script is doing what you want it to do, in real-time, without having to compile or test every change.

Use the navigation controls to move through the messages:

Click the Edit Message button to view the current sample message:

This will open the Edit Message screen:

To view all the sample data that was loaded with the project:

  1. Click the Sample Data link, located at the top left of the Script Editor screen.
  2. The sample data screen appears with a list of all the messages.
  3. Click on a message to view or edit it.

Next Step?

Now that you have viewed the sample data, you are ready to start examining the script. The following section will help you learn more about how the code works and what you can do to customize it.

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