How can I measure Iguana Server system requirements?

Unix: View Disk

To view the disk usage in Unix, simply type iostat -k from a command prompt. Iostat allows you to monitor disk activities and adding the -k flag displays the output in KB.

After an hour of running Iguana, the disk usage stats are as follows:

Iostat Parameter Description Value Suggested Average Threshold
%idle Displays the percentage of time that the CPU or CPUs were idle and the system did not have an outstanding disk I/O request. 95.02% > 20% – if this value is below 20%, the system might be queuing up disk I/Os and response time may suffer.

To calculate overall disk usage after running Iguana for an hour:

KB_wrtn/s x 60 seconds x 60 minutes = Total KB/hour

Note: If you are running other applications on the same machine, the KB_wrtn/s stat will be inaccurate since iostat calculates the sum in KB of all the applications writing to the disk.

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