HL7 to HL7

Send Sample Data

Open the HL7 Simulator application

  • The simulator comes standard with every install of Chameleon
  • Typically found in the local install path
    • e.g. “x:\Program Files\iNTERFACEWARE\Chameleon\”
  • Or from the programs menu:
  • Or simply type Simulator from the command line

Download the sample_data.txt set of sample messages

Configure the simulator carefully:

Pay careful attention to the areas marked in red. This is the list of settings:

Setting Value
Host localhost
Port 2020
Message File sample_data.txt – the one downloaded from this page.
Treat any incoming message as an ACK Checked
Keep sending messages when an ACK is received. Checked
Stop sending messages at end of file Checked – means we stop at 284 and don’t go into a loop.

Tip: The HL7 Simulator does not run on the Mac, but you can easily send messages from a Windows machine, simply enter the network address or network name of the target machine in the Host field. For example, when running the Simulator in a Parallels VM, just use the IP address for the Mac (from advanced network setting in system preferences).

Press Start.

The simulator should chug through 284 messages into your Iguana instance.

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