HL7 to HL7

Import Initial Project Code

When we open the Translator we will be presented with this dialog:

Translator projects can be exported and imported as zip files. This makes it easy to move projects between servers. We have prepared a starter project that we will work from. It contains some sample code which we will use to explain the Translator GUI.

Download the Sender_Filter.zip project file.

Choose Import project from zip file and click Import and load the Sender_Filter.zip file. We included one sample message in the file, so be sure to check include sample data.

When the project is imported your screen should look something like this:

Note: if you didn’t include the sample data when you loaded the project you will get an error. This is because there no data for line 13, after we import data on the next page the error will disappear.


This project contains some rough Lua code for parsing the address from the PID segment. This code will only be used to demonstrate features of the Translator IDE.

Note: this code is not intended to demonstrate best practice – we will get to that later.

People new to Lua often ask what the colon syntax means, e.g., Address:split(‘|’) The answer to this can be found here.

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